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on Apple Watch

What is it?

Simple, yet Powerful

FITimer on Apple Watch has redesigned workout tracking on Apple Watch.

It has the capability to track many workout stats, such as distance, duration, pace, elevation gain, loss, and more.

This atch app is deeply integrated with the phone and is the perfect way to keep up exercising, without a phone nearby. All of the workouts recorded are intuitively saved to the main FITimer app on the phone, you can search and view these workouts here too.

The Apple Watch app has a simple, but informative interface that allows users to easily start a workout and save it. Like FITimer on iPhone, the watch app lets you know when a mile has been passed.

FITimer on Apple Watch carries features from the main app, and integrates them to work seamlessly with the watch.

Intuitive Start Screen

As soon as FITimer is opened on the Apple Watch, a simple Go Button appears that allows for a quick start to a workout.


Countdown Workout

When a workout on the FITimer Apple Watch is started a countdown will start from 3. 

Workout Controls

After a workout is started, there are several controls, like finish workout, pause, water lock, and delete workouts buttons are available.


FITimer Workouts

When the workout is started, FITimer will track distanceduration, stepspace, current elevationelevation gainelevation loss.

Music Commands

During a workout, FITimer allows you to control the music currently playing, this way you do not have to move through different apps to listen to your favorite songs.


What's Special?

Simple Start Screen

FITimer on Apple Watch has a very simple, yet welcoming start screen that immediately greets you with a 'Good Morning', 'Good Afternoon', or 'Good Evening', depending on the time of day.


Easily track a workout from FITimer on Apple Watch.


FITimer on Apple Watch will sync with its app on the phone, so that all of your workouts are saved without a problem.


FITimer will track you distance, duration, pace, steps, current elevation, elevation gain, and elevation loss.

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