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What is it?

The Easiest Way to Store Documents, Cards, and Files

SnapNotes+ is the easiest way for storing documents, cards, files, images, videos and organizing them in folders.

Disclaimer : No data is stored on any internal servers !


Key Features:

- All the Data is stored on the Device & synced to iCloud

- PDF Viewer

- Text Recognition on Images

- PDF's, Image's, and Video's import

- Easy to use help menu

- Drag and drop to organize files

- Document Scanner

- Share Extension

- Offline Mode


Add Files, Cards, and Documents

You can easily add files, cards, and documents to store whatever you want, ranging from a photo to a PDF. All of these attachments can be quickly viewed when selected.

Your Personal Digital Wallet & Document Vault

SnapNotes+ organizes all of your cards, files, and documents into folders that can be easily viewed and edited. This simplistic approach allows users to be able to access all of their files whenever they want.


Add Folders

SnapNotes+ makes organization very effortless and straightforward with folders. These folders can be dragged and dropped anywhere to fit your needs. In addition, there are multiple different vibrant colors for a folder to make sure an important folder would pop-out.


Go Offline

In order to ensure a seamless experience between different connections, when your device goes offline SnapNotes+ makes sure to upload all of the changes made in the app to iCloud when the device is back online. Additionally, you can still view your documents even when offline.

Import Documents FromYour Favorites Apps

Quickly import all of your images, videos, and PDF's into SnapNotes+ by using the share extension. After clicking SnapNotes+ a screen will be presented where you can just input the data and it will be sent to the app.


What's Special?

Data Stored in iCloud

All data is stored on the device and then uploaded to the users iCloud

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop feature to move around files, cards, and folders

Add Documents

Add files, cards, documents, and even folders

Share Extension

Share extension to make importing documents into SnapNotes+ effortless

Document Scanner

An easy to use document scanner, that formats all of your pictures into a PDF

Offline Mode

An offline mode that allows for users to access and edit all of their documents even when they are not online.

Text Recognition

OCR(text recognition) on images uploaded.

Help Menu

A help section with videos that provides help for interacting and using the app.

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